Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Story of Ginkgo Seedling

This Hibaku Ginkgo was planted in an elephant foot pot for Neo Integrity exhibition at Derek Eller Gallery. After the show, this Ginkgo seedling was given to Elaine Ng of Art Asia Pacific Magazine.

At AAP office, the Ginkgo seedling was attacked by the two neighbor cats. After the incident, this was given to Elaine as an apology card by the cat owner.

Surviving cats' attackes and near-death-unknown shedding of the leaves, now this Ginkgo is slowly gaining more leaves again. This pic is the Ginkgo with the staff of AAP Magazine (from left to right, clockwise): Julie Yeung, Alis Atwell, Joon Mo Kang, HG Masters, Hanae Ko, Ashley Rawlings, and then Jesse Senje Yuan.

Elaine Ng with a Ginkgo seedling with more leaves now, happily posing in an elephant foot pot.


Muddy Mark said...

I had 5 great ginkgo for about 6 years. Started them from seed and kept them under 30 cm tall.

When the kids came I was distracted and they did not survive a winter.


sunairi said...

Hahaha, Muddy,

They had cats and you had kids.......

When the trees are seedlings, even they are strong in winter, they should be kept indoor. The heater functions like if it is summer.


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