Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Contemporary Landscape: Tree Project on Paper Blog, riviera, Arboles

New York: Katsuhiro and Emi Saiki's Hackberry and Ginkgo trees

"Last December, Hiroshi kindly gave me this large plant that had full of leaves on its branch when he had a solo exhibition in Horticultural Society of New York.

After his exhibition had finished, I took the plant to my apartment. but the leaves started falling off because of the cold wether.............One day in June, while I was going out, I put the pots on the fire escape to give them sun light. that was the time a big squirrel I had sometimes saw came and dug the soil in the pots and bit the plants at its root..........to read all the texts along with his beautiful pictures, take a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/katsuhirosaiki/sets/72157624816952658/with/4931031039/

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buffalo, NY: Dorothy Collins' Platanus tree seeds sprouted!!

"Dear Mr. Sunairi, I planted all the Plantanus seeds I received at the end of May after following the germination recommendations. Only one sprouted (*though its a perfect one!) This is 2 weeks after sprouting near the end of July. Best Regards"
---Dorothy Collins

When a Tree Spreads Peace: Hiroshi Sunairi's Tree Project on Apartment Therapy

A house feels like a home when there is meaning behind the objects we hold dear. A plant with a history can also become something to cherish. Right now people the world over are participating.....to read the whole article at

Monday, August 16, 2010

New York: Megan Karlen & Jackie Moran's persimmon recovered!!

"Hello Hiroshi, I wanted to send you pictures of our Persimmon tree because she's been doing so well this summer!

She was in the show at the Horticultural Society. They took very good care of her. They said she was very healthy. She did have a little bit of a white bug type thing under her leaves and they explained that that often times comes from the soil that we buy in the store. They sprayed her leaves with dish soap and water and the little white bugs left.

We brought her home and I got concerned that the underside of her leaves were going to get the bugs again so I started misting under her leaves. I have no idea if I'm right about this but I feel like it made her feel tickled and good because now she's been growing like crazy!

I've sent 3 pictures. One of them shows a leaf that is not the typical shape. It is kind of heart-shaped. Is this normal for persimmons? There were two and then one grew out into the typical oval leaf shape. The other one is continuing to be the heart-shape. Anyway, look at her grow!! Have a great day. Very sincerely,"

---Megan Karlen & Jackie Moran

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kenjiro Kitade at Ivy Brown Gallery

8月6日(金曜日)、北出健二郎さんの個展「Drop」が、ミートパッキングにあるIvy Brown Galleryで始まりました。北出さんとは、Queens地区での屋外インスタレーション"Sleeping Beauty" プロジェクトで一緒にチームを組んでいます。........to read the whole article at http://nyartjournal.blogspot.com/2010/08/kenjiro-kitadeivy-brown-gallery.html

Tree Project Film at the Portland Japanese Garden


Tree Project Film by, Hiroshi Sunairi, currently in “The Curse of Bigness” exhibition


Tree Project Film 2: "Sendan in Kathmandu" by Bhumika Shrestha and Nani S. Walker

Contemporary artist and friend Hiroshi Sunairi sent a handful of hibaku seeds to Kathmandu in the Summer of 2009 as part of the "Tree Project." During the making of the documentary "Other Nature," third gender activist Bhumika Shrestha and Director Nani S. Walker planted hibaku seeds. One year later...two Chinaberry trees grow in Kathmandu.

Camera: Pramod Karki
Music: Binod Katuwal

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Portland Japanese Garden: Desirae Williams's Ginkgo Sprout

Excerpts from Portland Japanese Garden's site.....to look at the whole posting of Sesirae's pictures and her story of sprouting Ginkgo at http://www.japanesegarden.com/culture/?p=5

"Wow, it was so exciting the first day I saw my tree had sprouted. I felt like a proud new parent. It is truly amazing what these trees went through, yet somehow they have continued on and a few generations later here is the tree I am raising!"
---Desirae Williams

New York: Yoi's sprout!

"Dear Hiroshi, Long time no see. How are you? This is Yoi ! Three months ago, I planted the seeds into the soil. Two weeks ago, the seeds germinated and sprouted, but now it seems like the plant is dying. PS: Can you tell me the name of the plant?

Yoi! I am not 100% sure which tree sprouts this is by looking at this picture. I hope it is still alive and when it gets little bigger, we will be able to tell! So far it does not look either Parasol, Ginkgo nor jujube I gave you. Keep me posted.

Queens Museum: MetLife First Sundays for Families: Plant a Seed, Grow a Tree


New York: Sean Justice's Ginkgo Tree growing!

"I’m pretty happy with the progress to this point. I’m not looking to the future. I’m just enjoying the moment. Time shifts and flows, and we can only breathe. This is what I feel to be true.

In my craggy brain there are memories of a small child playing under an ancient Gingko tree in our home in Seoul. My father used to say that the tree was so old that the young boy emperor played beneath the same tree many hundred years ago. Even then I knew it must be a fable. But I loved the sense of connection and history, and I felt I belonged to something much grander than my tiny troubles with my brothers.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m thrilled to see the sprout getting bigger. Thanks for this chance."

Linda Winder"s Sendan seedlings growing well!

"Hello again Hiroshi Sunairi! Here are some pictures of my trees and myself. My boyfriend and I are both artists graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and they've kept us company on the windowsill and inspired us to get a few other plants to raise and enjoy.

The one in the peach colored planter is almost a year old- I remember I planted it in September of last year. It's already been re-potted once, but I think he's just about ready for a larger pot! I keep this one by my studio area and it watches me paint and type on my computer! The one in the green pot is about three months old. This one lives in the kitchen and keeps the potted herbs company. Thank you and I hope to keep better contact with you."
---Linda Winder

Hiroshima, Japan: Yuso Takesawa's newly sprouted Chinese Parasol Tree


It is OK since Chinese Parasol trees don't like coldness, but the humidity is so high here in Hiroshima. It is not good for us!! The other day, I took some pictures of the second generation of Hibaku Parasol seedlings at NPO Cetra Hiroshima where they are at. In fall, we will replant it on the ground and this time, we will try hard so no one will pull it out of the ground. The ones we sprouted from seeds are in our balcony and they are growing little by little. Growing trees from seeds is like having and seeing kids grow up. It gives us a dream and hope."
---Yuso Takesawa

New York: lisa and yuri's Ginkgo seeds sprouted

"Hi Hiroshi, here are some pics of our gingko sprout! we named him Lil' Guy...its only been 1 week and it has already grown like 4 inches! ok...maybe 3 inches....its the first time either of us have grown something from a seed and we are excited, though it is super eerie thinking that while we sleep, there is something right next to our heads growing a half an inch a day... happy summer!"
---xx lisa and yuri

Congratulations, Lisa and Yuri!

Spain: Blanca de la Torre’s Hibaku Sendan has bloomed

Hiroshi, one of your trees has bloomed!!!!! :) -Blanca de la Torre