Monday, October 18, 2010

New York: Maggie Feuchter - In Memoriam for My Tree

"Hi Hiroshi, I'm sorry to say but my persimmon tree has passed. I'm a little late in getting the news to you as the last leaf fell at the end of August. Here are some pictures of what it looked like at the very end."

Hiroshima, Japan: Yuso Takesawa's Chinese Parasol Tree update



New York: Sean Justice's Ginkgo Tree update

"We're moving through the fall, wondering what the next stage of this small plant's cycle will look like.

Watching this Gingko sprout and grow is a metaphor for what I'm doing in my work as a teacher and artist. Autonomy is crucial to this discussion. 

Did you do that on purpose, with intent? Or was it an accident. Are we free to make things that can exist in and of themselves? Or does everything we make exist only and forever embedded within a vast net of other things. What is the purpose of making?..........." to read the whole article at

Spain: Blanca de la Torre’s Hibaku Sendan has bloomed

Hiroshi, one of your trees has bloomed!!!!! :) -Blanca de la Torre