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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tree Project in " La semilla como materia política Blanca de la Torre"

In Spanish: "Las semillas como recipientes de memoria, pero también como fuentes de resiliencia, conforman el proyecto que Hiroshi Sunairi lleva desarrollando desde 2005, el Tree Project, en el que se han involucrado casi quinientas personas de veintitrés países diferentes.

En Hiroshima se contaba que tras el fatal bombardeo de EEUU de 1945 la población no esperaba que algo pudiera florecer hasta pasados setenta y cinco años. Sin embargo, de los restos de los árboles quemados comenzaron a surgir brotes y esto dió mucho ánimo a la gente en un momento de profunda desesperanza. A estos árboles se les conoce como hibakujumoku (árboles bombardeados / árboles supervivientes). Sunairi recolecta sus semillas para distribuirlas a lo largo del planeta, y realiza el seguimiento de los participantes a través de la web del proyecto (http://treeproject.blogspot.com)"


Monday, September 18, 2017

Majulah Singapura - Tree Project: Grant Preiera's Green Thumb.

This the last batch of seeds from botanical gardens more pics of grown ones in 2 days time cheers grant.

This one ours about 3meters tall.

This one Marianne 2 meters both planted at  my Pasir Ris park butterfly garden cheers.

Even though this alien species some butterflies have laid eggs on its leaves and caterpillars enjoy eating the leaves.

Grant Preiera, 

THE HAPPY, HAPPY END 19 - Alberto and new Hibaku Ginkgo seeds in Argentina

Dear Hiroshi!

Amazing how the sprout is growing, each two days a new leaf appears!

There photos are from yesterday Sunday September 3rd 2017, I measured the height of the ginkgo from the earth level, 18 cm.



It keeps growing, each two days, a new little leaf, and goes upwards...!!!

The two other seeds are still sleeping, we will wait!



Hi Hiroshi

All onwards with the gingko sprout,

this coming Saturday sept 23rd we will take it to our greenhouse coach/ counselor,

to help us to put the sprout in a larger pot,

since the sprout is already 20 cm high, and the pot is 15 cm Deep,

so we think it will be better to move the sprout to a larger pot, to be more confortable the roots to expand


NY: Graciela Cassel's Hibaku Ginkgo

Growing steady!


Majulah Singapura - Tree Project: Edlyn Artistica Ng's Camphor tree

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Louis Miritello's Hibaku Ginkgo is thriving!!

NY: Graciela Cassel's Hibaku Ginkgo sprout


Graciela Cassel

THE HAPPY, HAPPY END 18 - Alberto and new Hibaku Ginkgo seeds in Argentina

Dear Hiroshi

It keeps growing, and a Green sprout is showing more and more on the upper part J




Dear Hiroshi

Gingko seed this morning august 16th , just about to open a green sprout upper part J




Dear  Hiroshi

The gingko seed was  taken out from the glass germinator, and what a surprise, it has a 7 cm root already J

Our greenhouse coach ( the person that we bought all our plants with  Hilda okusan ) , recommend to use a mix of less earth with  a special light material, that is also useful for a bed of sprout

So we , put the seed into the pot , with the mixture, and it seems very happy, growing their little leaves little by little each day, and today we see that it has already taken out from the line of the pot , is going upwards definitely

We will have this sprout until our greenhouse coach saus is time for a greater pot

The two other seeds are still  waiting to go out , we are confident they will make also the journey from inside seed to outside world



Thursday, August 10, 2017

THE HAPPY END 17 - Alberto and new Hibaku Ginkgo seeds in Argentina

Dear Hiroshi / Adriana

First gingko seed seems now showing the first hint of a sprout today august 9th. It is white, so I do not know yet if it is a root or a green sprout (to orientate the seed properly, down or up).

How amazing  and how quickly it germinated, the jar was prepared on July 29th, just 11 days ago.

I will keep you posted, I have the jar in the kitchen with a light that is on the 24 hours, every night when I arrive back from the office, I rotate the jar so the three seeds receive in turn, the light over them.



Hi Hiroshi


The second camphor tree we planted, the local Camphor, not the Hibaku one here in Tigre, is blooming for the first time.

The other camphor Hibaku Jyumoku that we receive from Julio Bernal & Semillas Paz, has their roots down earth, we still hope to have a sprout going up through the circle of white stones some day.


THE HAPPY END 16 - Alberto and new Hibaku Ginkgo seeds in Argentina

Alerto and Adriana,

Hi, one of the participants' sister, Adriana is traveling back to Argentina with a handful of Hibaku Ginkgo seeds to Argentina on airplane.

I asked her to take enough for herself, her friends and you, Alberto, so please contact each other to make an arrangements to pick up. Adriana said she is close to Tigre. The rest, you guys can talk in email to make it happen.

She said she was flying on coming Wed. She can inform you, Alberto more about the timing.

I think you guys can split the seeds so there are enough for both sides.

Good Luck

Hiroshi Sunairi


Hi Hiroshi
wonderful news !!

We will expect about Adriana news .

Adriana, I work at Troncos del Talar, the Parque Industrial Tigre, so when you have settled down after your trip, please called me and we will arrange meeting

As we told Hiroshi SAN, the camphor three we planted, did not survive, or at least, it went dry, anyway we did not take out the root, and we commemorated the dried seedling with a circle of small stones, where the root was, and we planted another camphor tree right by, that it is not from Hiroshima but a local Tigre greenhouse / vivero seedling.

we will keep posting results of the germination of Gingko seeds :) as soon as we met Adriana

Alberto Gesualdi


Thank you Hiroshi!

I will be in Buenos Aires on Saturday, so next week I will be calling your friend,and hope to have good news in a short time!



Hi Hiroshi,

We are in contact with Adriana, she is returning to Argentina tomorrow Saturday, so we will meet next week here in Tigre….What a feeling I feel…can´t wait...

I have a mondai - problem, concerning the preparation of gingko seeds, I read in your blog, that is necessary to soak them on water, and then, in bleach ?? is it safe to use bleach ??

I suppose that the water soaking is to help the outside part of the seed to soften, so the sprout can go out easier.

But the part of the bleach is something I am afraid, I would like to have the seeds in water and then, as we were taught at primary school, to use a glass of water with cotton in the bottom with water and to put the seed on the upper part of the glass, with a holder of carton, under a light, and wait until the sprout goes out.

Do you have any  recommendations on this process of germination??



Hi Hiroshi!!

Now Alberto and I have each phone number, next week I am going to give him the seeds.
Thank you so much !!!!



Thank you, Adriana!

Alberto goes way back having wanted hi hibaku seeds for about 2-3years and when he got the hibaku seedling from Botanical garden which got their hibaku seeds from the UN connection. Then unfortunately Alberto's seedling has died so this is such an exciting news for him!!!


Hiroshi Sunairi


To be continued with THE HAPPY END 17 - Alberto and new Hibaku Ginkgo seeds in Argentina

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Spain: Blanca de la Torre's Chinese Hackberry tree and the exhibiton, Hybris at MUSAC, Spain

Dear Hiroshi,

I just wanted to thank you again for participating in Hybris exhibition. The show is being a total success, we are already getting a lot of press (unfortunately only national press, it´s hard to get international press here). Even on TV,  actually one of the best cultural programs in Spain, Metrópolis, is going to make a special program on the show. So I am really happy!

And people love your project. I also wanted to let you know that next week I will be in Miami teaching a workshop on eco-aesthetics. Link here

And I will speak about your project too. In the meantime I send you a pic of the other tree, the one planted in the garden ;)

"HYBRIS. A Possible Approach to Ecoaesthetics"
(curated by Blanca de la Torre)
17 June, 2017 - 7 January, 2018
at MUSAC (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Majulah Singapura - Tree Project in Singapore: Marianne Pereira's Hibau Camphor was adopted and now growing wonderfully

Hello Hiroshi

How are you doing these days. I notice that you are doing wonderful things, meeting exciting people and enjoying life to the hilt. Am happy for you.

I have finally managed to locate a friend to send me a photo of my prized hibaku. Hope you will like it nestled in the midst of Singapore's luxuriant flora. It is looking good don't you agree?

This friend is keen on growing hibaku too, would you be able to spare us some more seeds? Do you think this would be possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  

Wish you all the best


Spain: Blanca de la Torre’s Hibaku Sendan has bloomed

Hiroshi, one of your trees has bloomed!!!!! :) -Blanca de la Torre