Monday, June 8, 2009

New York: Whittney Klann's Persimmon seeds sprouted on June 8

Whittney Klann with newly planted pot on May 12th at "Eat Clay or Die" exhibition curated by Michele Quan & Susannah Tisue in May at Greenwich House Pottery

"it sprouted, hooray! my dirt also sprouted three guardian plants. I guess I will have to pull them out at some point, but they look nice for now!"

---Whittney Klann

Congulatulations Whittney!
new Persimmon picture update.
"Hi Hiroshi, just took some more photos of my persimmon tree- it's growing nicely!"

"Here is a current pic of my persimmon tree in its new, larger pot sitting on its perch in front of my window."

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