Monday, June 1, 2009

Reiko Hamano and Eric Vong's Jujube seed sprouted on May 29

Reiko Hamano planted Jujube seed at Miracle Garden on May 10 and her seed sprouted on May 29. The sprout is so tiny so we hope this is a healthy Jujube seedling. Click the pic to enlarge to observe the whimsical sprout. This is the first Jujube seed sprouting in Tree Project 2009. Congrats!

New Picture on June 9th, 2009
The sprout looks bigger than May 29th!!


"Growing a plant from a seed is a grateful experience. it is quite different to care for a potted plant from a store. My sprout is, as of now, so weak and so tiny. This perhaps causes me to pay more attention to it. Seeing my sprout every morning is a bit of a caution but also a lot of anticipation for my sprout. I am now aware of this feeling that I haven't experienced in my past, or have I when I was still little."
---Reiko Hamano

Pic update of Jujube on June 23, 2009
It look like it is standing up!!

A recent update of Jujube Seedling.
Now it is getting stronger, bigger and bigger!!

「すっごい成長っぷりにびっくりでしょ。しかも、ほんとは、その芽の茎の先に大きな葉がなっていたらしいんです。友達(真矢さん)曰く、窓から外に出さないと育たなかったとのことでした。で、真矢(マヤ)さんが植木を窓から外に出しまま出かけていたら、その間にサンダーストームが来てしまって、葉が取れてしまったみたいです。」”Aren't you surprised with how much My Jujube grew! But before it grew a large leave on top of the stem. Then My friend (house sitter while I was away) took the plant outside for the sun, then thunderstorm broke the large leave."
---Reiko Hamano

Anyhow, Congrats with such a growth. It is not simple story with Jujube!!

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