Thursday, January 28, 2010

New York: Hiroshi Sunairi, my Platanus sprouted


A couple of weeks ago, there had been some sprouts, but the stems were too weak looking and couldn't get the seed-shell off and dried up. This week, this one came out and seem very healthy without shell. In the soil, there are other sprout arches ready to come out. This Platanus (Plane tree)
sprout is kind of hairy and cute!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Australia: LOUISE ROLLMAN's Sendan sprouted!

"Hey Hiroshi! Yay, my Chinaberrys have sprouted. I'm so pleased it's working out. I was always going to plant them, was just a little time poor is all. Considering the previous summer disappeared and this summer came on so quickly, I think I've done pretty well. In fact, my timing was so good that they sprouted within a fortnight, while I was on holidays. Suppose subtropical has this effect.

Have uploaded some preliminary images to blog As of yet there's no sign of the Parasols. Recalled that cut suggestion and scrolled Tree Project for Kathy Thomas' advice. Will let you know how that goes, as well as further documentation. Otherwise, they're growing really well. A Happy new year!"

Congrats!! Louise!

Tree Project on nakais スペイン、マドリード → ニューヨーク、マンハッタン通信(アート)








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Joetsu city, Niigata Prefecture, Japan: Persimmon growing




New York: Lorne Swarthout's persimmon sprouted and surviving!

Dear Hiroshi and Horticultural Society,

"I am sorry I cannnot make the opening tonight, but I wanted to send a picture of my own hibaku ginkho tree, planted two years ago. It seems to be about to go into its winter bare-stick mode. We have cared for it on the window sill, and it means more to me all the time. I will be with you in spirit."

---Lorne Swarthout, Berkeley Carroll School

Link to the past Tree Project workshop
Tree Project workshop with
Lorne Swarthout, U.S. History Chair and The Berkeley Carroll School

Saturday, January 9, 2010

West College Park, Saskatoon, SK: Stephen McLachlin's beautiful Red Maple in his backyard

"Just to follow up on my message, here is a picture of a red maple that I grow in the back yard, in its autumn colorful glory. I have great respect for people who have pruned the survivor trees in Hiroshima and saved the seeds for planting."
---Steve McLachlin

"Hi again Hiroshi,

I actually have two Red Maples in the back yard of our modest suburban bungalow in Saskatoon. I call them the “Two Sisters”. The Big Sister is bigger, taller and more robust but her color is more varied, (more yellows, oranges, as well as red). In contrast “Little Sister” is absolutely crimson red, -- in the extreme !!

Here are a few snapshots. I hope you get the picture of why we like to grow trees. These red maples are not really hardy in this climate but they have “toughened up” and they give us a lot of joy in the fall when they turn color."

---Steve McLachlin (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) Zone 2 - 3

Western Washington: Bill Newton's Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) trees seeds

Here is my correspondence with Bill about his Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) trees. He had sent me a bunch of these seeds and I am wondering if Tree Project participants would like some of these tree seeds.

Hiroshi I live in western Washington and my home is in the middle of a forest mostly Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) trees. At the moment I have some Douglas Fir seeds collected over the last few weeks. I don't sell them but send them to anyone interested in starting them. I start many species from seed mostly conifers. Let me know if you are interested. I would need an address to send them to. Have a great day! Bill Newton

Once I used to live in Bellingham WA for 6 months about 18 years ago. I would love Cedar seeds. Please send me these seeds. I would send you back some stamps for the shipping. It sounds like you live in a very peaceful environment.

Best Regards,
Hiroshi Now that Christmas is over I will send the seeds this week. I will include some Douglas Fir seeds and if you find anyone interested please pass them on.
I went out to the nearest Cedar tree which is about four feet thick and shook a limb and the seeds rained down. Good luck with the growing. Best Regards, Bill

PS Please don't worry about the postage.
Thank you Bill, I received your seeds last night. I will plant some myself as well as giving to people who are interested!! I am so looking forward to the sprouts. Do you have any instructions to planting?

Uta Tachibana's story on Tree Project Persimmon seed

Bronx, New York: Alex Neroulias's Persimmon Update!

Hackney, London:Veronique Dupont's Sendan Update

Hiroshi, here are some latest snaps of the Chinaberry growing in Hackney in London!!

New York: Melissa Stanley's Persimmon update

New York: Megan Karlan's recent update on her Persimmon

"Our Hibaku seedling (Persimmon Tree) lives on the 51st floor of a Tribeca
highrise. She lives with myself and my partner Jackie and she resides on
one of the many window sills in the living room.

The poetry here is that here grows this little tree, who's genetics
survived the man-made calamity of Hiroshima, thriving on a sunny
windowsill in full view of Ground Zero.

Emerson said: Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

That's something to learn from.

She is a joy to have."

Brantford, Ontario, Canada: Lauren Yakiwchuk's recent pictures

Lauren Yakiwchuk: Me standing outside with the Sendan plant

Six plants along the window sill - where the plants live at my house

One of the plants that I gave to my sister, Robyn

The plant up on the shelf is the Sendan that lives at Robyn's house now in Mississauga, Ontario

Her cats (the gray one is Tony and the black one is Kiki) examining the new plant in her home

Spain: Blanca de la Torre’s Hibaku Sendan has bloomed

Hiroshi, one of your trees has bloomed!!!!! :) -Blanca de la Torre