Friday, November 4, 2016

Megan Karlen's Persimmon update


Hello and I wanted to send you a pic of the Persimmon tree changing into fabulous colors for the Fall season. 
Location: North Adams, MA 
First all green and then ... 

Megan Karlen

Sunday, October 30, 2016




Hiroshi Sunairi

“What the modern movie lacks is beauty,” said D.W. Griffith, “the beauty of the moving wind in the trees.”

Saturday, August 27, 2016

THE HAPPY END 15 - Alberto and another Hibaku Camphor in Argentina


This is another Hibaku tree, given by Julio Bernal and Semillas de Paz, to the neighborhood Barbarita, very close to the premises of SMC AR Tigre, where the other hibaku is planted. Around 1.000 meters, 10 blocks, more or less between them.

Both are camphor trees.

These photos are from hibaku camphor tree planted at the entrance square of the neighbourhood, it is already a mature seedling, and the site of planting is excellent, it has a 360 degree visual.

Also it was good to see many kids from the neighbourhood participating in the planting, may this planting be for them a moment of remembrance in the future



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alex's Aikido Sensei has a Hibaku Chinese Hackberry seedling!

Sensei Ryūgan R.D. Savoca

Brooklyn Aikikai is a nonprofit martial arts center in Brooklyn, New York, offering training in aikido, zen, misogi, and iaido.

THE HAPPY END 14 - Alberto's Cherry Prunus, Argentina

Hiroshi / Julio

This past weekend we went to Baredero with my wife, this is a town around 145 km NE Buenos Aires, at the National Route 9 that goes to Rosario, Km 301

We have a strange winter now, this past week the average daylight temperature around 20 degrees celsius, so trees begun to flower.

The enclosed photo is from a cherry tree prunus type, quite like the 7 cherry trees we planted on august 6th 2016 at SMC Tigre.

Of course this cherry tree of Baradero is older, no less than 30 years, since the town of Baradero is the oldest of the province Buenos Aires, it was founded on 1615 by a Spanish conqueror, Hernandarias.


THE HAPPY END 13 - a poem by Amalia Isabel Daibes Pehuajo, Argentina

Seeds of Peace
coming from the life
- that always is able of
a little more -

Seeds of peace
that nest
the world
tnto a portal
that was of absence
and today are flying
in dreams of hope
within the loving whispers
of this August which consoles
and  which whispers into the ears
with new voices

Seeds of peace
above the silence of the souls
that today will rest in peace

Amalia Isabel Daibes