Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Megan Karlen - an update on our Persimmon Tree

Good Morning Hiroshi, 
I wanted to send you an update on our Persimmon Tree. 
She is growing beautifully here in Western Massachusetts. First image is her growth end of summer. 
Second image is her wrapped for the winter. For the winter she will be a glorious art object. When I was cutting the grasses next to her I thought how beautifully they would create an armature for the hay and burlap. She's a joy to behold. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tree Project in " La semilla como materia política Blanca de la Torre"

In Spanish: "Las semillas como recipientes de memoria, pero también como fuentes de resiliencia, conforman el proyecto que Hiroshi Sunairi lleva desarrollando desde 2005, el Tree Project, en el que se han involucrado casi quinientas personas de veintitrés países diferentes.

En Hiroshima se contaba que tras el fatal bombardeo de EEUU de 1945 la población no esperaba que algo pudiera florecer hasta pasados setenta y cinco años. Sin embargo, de los restos de los árboles quemados comenzaron a surgir brotes y esto dió mucho ánimo a la gente en un momento de profunda desesperanza. A estos árboles se les conoce como hibakujumoku (árboles bombardeados / árboles supervivientes). Sunairi recolecta sus semillas para distribuirlas a lo largo del planeta, y realiza el seguimiento de los participantes a través de la web del proyecto (http://treeproject.blogspot.com)"


Monday, September 18, 2017

Majulah Singapura - Tree Project: Grant Preiera's Green Thumb.

This the last batch of seeds from botanical gardens more pics of grown ones in 2 days time cheers grant.

This one ours about 3meters tall.

This one Marianne 2 meters both planted at  my Pasir Ris park butterfly garden cheers.

Even though this alien species some butterflies have laid eggs on its leaves and caterpillars enjoy eating the leaves.

Grant Preiera, 

THE HAPPY, HAPPY END 19 - Alberto and new Hibaku Ginkgo seeds in Argentina

Dear Hiroshi!

Amazing how the sprout is growing, each two days a new leaf appears!

There photos are from yesterday Sunday September 3rd 2017, I measured the height of the ginkgo from the earth level, 18 cm.



It keeps growing, each two days, a new little leaf, and goes upwards...!!!

The two other seeds are still sleeping, we will wait!



Hi Hiroshi

All onwards with the gingko sprout,

this coming Saturday sept 23rd we will take it to our greenhouse coach/ counselor,

to help us to put the sprout in a larger pot,

since the sprout is already 20 cm high, and the pot is 15 cm Deep,

so we think it will be better to move the sprout to a larger pot, to be more confortable the roots to expand


NY: Graciela Cassel's Hibaku Ginkgo

Growing steady!


Majulah Singapura - Tree Project: Edlyn Artistica Ng's Camphor tree

Alex and Yuki’s Ginkgo update - it’s so big!!

Happily with a dog friend, Wyatt