Saturday, August 27, 2016

THE HAPPY END 15 - Alberto and another Hibaku Camphor in Argentina


This is another Hibaku tree, given by Julio Bernal and Semillas de Paz, to the neighborhood Barbarita, very close to the premises of SMC AR Tigre, where the other hibaku is planted. Around 1.000 meters, 10 blocks, more or less between them.

Both are camphor trees.

These photos are from hibaku camphor tree planted at the entrance square of the neighbourhood, it is already a mature seedling, and the site of planting is excellent, it has a 360 degree visual.

Also it was good to see many kids from the neighbourhood participating in the planting, may this planting be for them a moment of remembrance in the future



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alex's Aikido Sensei has a Hibaku Chinese Hackberry seedling!

Sensei Ryūgan R.D. Savoca

Brooklyn Aikikai is a nonprofit martial arts center in Brooklyn, New York, offering training in aikido, zen, misogi, and iaido.

THE HAPPY END 14 - Alberto's Cherry Prunus, Argentina

Hiroshi / Julio

This past weekend we went to Baredero with my wife, this is a town around 145 km NE Buenos Aires, at the National Route 9 that goes to Rosario, Km 301

We have a strange winter now, this past week the average daylight temperature around 20 degrees celsius, so trees begun to flower.

The enclosed photo is from a cherry tree prunus type, quite like the 7 cherry trees we planted on august 6th 2016 at SMC Tigre.

Of course this cherry tree of Baradero is older, no less than 30 years, since the town of Baradero is the oldest of the province Buenos Aires, it was founded on 1615 by a Spanish conqueror, Hernandarias.


THE HAPPY END 13 - a poem by Amalia Isabel Daibes Pehuajo, Argentina

Seeds of Peace
coming from the life
- that always is able of
a little more -

Seeds of peace
that nest
the world
tnto a portal
that was of absence
and today are flying
in dreams of hope
within the loving whispers
of this August which consoles
and  which whispers into the ears
with new voices

Seeds of peace
above the silence of the souls
that today will rest in peace

Amalia Isabel Daibes

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Robert LaColla's Sendan update - it's HUGE!!!! 8/3/2016

Alex & Yuki's Ginkgo update - Looks so healthy!!

THE HAPPY END 12 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Dear Hiroshi SAN & Julio SAN

We discover with my wife, that this past Saturday was august 6th , Hiroshima anniversary.

Also, 1 year since Semillas de Paz gentle present the camphor tree to SMC AR , so included photos

There are two small sprouts at the bottom of the tree, we hope   it will be back with leaves next September 21st  , springtime at southern hemisphere


THE HAPPY END 11 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Dear Hiroshi SAN & Julio SAN

include photos,   Hilda okusan helped me to plant, we end a bit tired on Saturday after making the holes in the ground with the shovel , fortunately we could have a 3 hours nap in the evening J

There are already close to the perimeter fence, casuarina trees requested by town hall to make environmental curtain , so the cherry trees were planted in between the causarines , we consider there will be no trouble between casuarines and cherry trees, they will share space peacefully

planted 7 cherry trees at the inside of SMC AR Tigre, close to the entrance.

We hope cherry trees will bloom on coming September , to send you photos of Hanami J

This type of cherry tree is called Prunus Avium – fruit cherry tree   Soudden variety , the sakura variety only produces flower, no fruit , and we would like to have fruits to share with personell SMC AR

The trees we planted on Saturday were around 1,70 meters already tall, and full of bottons , so we expect hanami will  happen on September

We present this trees, in memoriam  ,   to our colleagues at SMC Kamaishi plant, that passed away when the Sendai Tsunami  happened on year 2011

7 persons, 7 trees

Nana korobi  ,   ya oki

THE HAPPY END 10 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Dear Hiroshi SAN  / Julio Bernal SAN

We ask permission to our headquarters in Japan, to plant 7 ( seven  ) sakura cherry trees at the entrance of the new premises in Tigre, inside and close to the masts where the flags of Japan and Argentina are raised.

We will present this trees to 7 workers of SMC Japan that died at the tsunami of Fukushima on 2011. They worked at the plant of Kamaishi, that is close to the place of the catastrophe.

As soon as we have planted, we will send photo

It has to be now in august,. Because our Japanese gardener says that sakura trees has to be planted in months without  “·r”  letter, so august is last chance, then we have September, October, November, December ,….. not until may 2017 would be able to plant


THE HAPPY END 9 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Dear Hiroshi

This past Saturday 25th,  Julio Bernal and his Seeds for Peace team, planted another Hibaku Jyumoku, very close where “our” hibaku is planted at Tigre.

This is a close neighbourhood, that has a circular square already planted with trees,  the Hibaku planted is a splendid camphor, in full bloom .

Enclosed some photos , the panoramic ones, that are not so heavy to send by mail

THE HAPPY END 8 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Hiroshi / Julio

Panoramic photos of today april 26th

Photos ending 708 and 950  are better we think

And out of this two,  photo ending 950  has better focus on the cars that give an idea of the size of building


THE HAPPY END 7 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Dear Hiroshi and Julio,

Today April 26,  we visited the  premises at Tigre, to take a panoramic photo, requested by our mother house in Japan.

The tree is still green in the base, we hope it will go well, the gardener found an ant colony in part of the earth and put water to take the ants aways, so the earth move a bit.

We have cold weather this days, 8 degrees Celsius in the morning, after almost 10 days of rain in Buenos Aires.

We have to wait,  there is good prospect for our Hibaku J



Spain: Blanca de la Torre’s Hibaku Sendan has bloomed

Hiroshi, one of your trees has bloomed!!!!! :) -Blanca de la Torre