Saturday, June 20, 2009

Providence, RI: Kathleen Hancock's Sendan sprouted!

Originally I have sent Japanese Hackberry seeds to Kathleen and while being sent, all the seeds were smashed.........since then I have been sending seeds wrapped in plastic bag in an envelope.

Thus, I sent Kathleen Sendan and now it sprouted! Congrats, Kathleen

My Sendan trees have either lived on my window sill or on the roof of my house. I live in an apartment in one of the older historic homes in Bristol, RI. My apartment is on the second floor and I am lucky to have lots of wonderful light for indoor plants. Out of one of my windows I have access to the roof of the enclosed porch below and from there I established a small summer container garden. Along with the herbs and tomatoes, my little Sendan trees thrived all summer in the open air. Then in September and more urgently in October, their leaves began to turn yellow and fall away from the trees. I became worried about them and thought they might be dying. When Hiroshi asked me to send images of the trees and a statement for the project, I was not sure if they were photo worthy. But he reassured me that the Sendan is very resiliant and should weather this first winter (in doors of course) just fine. They are now living indoors and seem to be springy and happy even though they have shed their all their leaves.
All the best - Kathleen

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