Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tree Project in The 5th Blue Sky Project: An International Exhibition 2010

Here is Tree Project's submission, the actual Hibaku Persimmon tree that the organizer of Blue Sky Project is growing.

"The 5th Blue Sky Project: An International Exhibition--Love, Blue Sky, and Peace Our Theme Is World Peace, Our Motif is the Blue Sky That Envelopes Earth On September 11, 2001, the New York-based art historian Reiko Tomii photographed the tragedy of World Trade Center from her home, and uploaded three photographs for her Japanese friends. After a few years, I looked at her photographs and other documentary photographs, I realized one thing: there was a beautiful blue sky over New York. There was also a beautiful blue sky over Hiroshima on August 6, and over Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, when atomic bombs were dropped on these Japanese cities. The blue sky was the backdrop of historic human follies, again and again. Above the clouds, there is the blue sky that envelopes the Earth. We will never make the beautiful blue sky a backdrop of war, nuclear bombing, terrorism, massacre, and other destructive acts. Never again."
---Michio Horikawa, Tadashi Maeyama, Noriko Kanaya, Kenji Funami

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tree Project articles by Art Cat, Art Beat, Nandu green, Azito, Design Tumble Log, Shanta Rohse's twitter and Katie Holten's Tree Museum

"Atomic Seeds" by The Hudson Valley Seed Library

Atomic Seeds

"There are all kinds of seed stories to tell. We tend to hear historical stories about the origins of some of our heirloom varieties, but seed stories are not just about the distant past. There are modern tales to tell as well........"
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New York: Sean Justice's Ginkgo Tree growing strongly!

"Hi Hiroshi! I'm back from Beijing and thrilled to see the trees have survived my absence this time.
Hope you are well."

Kenjiro Kitade Solo ceramic exhibition, "Drop" with Tree Project on August 6th, 2010

An artist and a friend, Kenjiro Kitade is going to have his ceramic solo exhibition at Ivy Brown Gallery, NY on August 6th, 2010 and he is going to create unique ceramic pots for Tree Project seedlings along with his other ceramic sculptures under the mysterious title, "Drop."

"They are growing strong as ever〜♪"
---Kenjiro Kitade


by Kenjiro Kitade

Opening Reception with Artist
August 6th from 6pm-8.30pm

Ivy Brown Gallery presents
Hudson Street 4th floor
In the heart of the
meatpacking district
Between 13th + 14th Streets
212 925 1111 Site.

Fat Man and Little Boy
On location at one of the sites of the Manhattan Project
Photograph and Sculptures by Kenjiro Kitade

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Portland Japanese Garden preparing for "Tree Project-Surviving Hiroshima: Four Trees that Refused to Die" exhibition in 2011

Attached are a few of the workshop Virginia Harmon did on June 3, one with 101 year old Mrs. Bernice Brown. We have news that one seed has sprouted so far. Hoping for many more! Virginia tells me we have the following # of seeds left:

Chinese Parasol: 4

Ginko: 5

Jujube: 23

Platanus: 126

We have enough to keep planting!

Diane Durston

Portland Japanese Garden

"Hibaku Chinese Parasol Tree in the park was pulled out!," an article by Yuso Takesawa in Chugoku Newspaper in Hiroshima

Hiroshima, Japan: Yuso Takesawa's newly sprouted Chinese Parasol Tree 新しい被爆青桐二世誕生


"Hi, Mr Sunairi. Are you in NY now? It sounds like it is really hot there. I bought some seeds of Hibaku Chinese Parasol Tree at Hiroshima Peace memorial Museum for 30 cents for 5 seeds and now I am growing them. I planted 5 seeds altogether, then three of them sprouted. The other Parasol seedling is at Cetra, my friend's place. Hope you are well."
---Yuso Takesawa

Summer 2010
(from left) Dr. Horiguchi, Hiroshi Sunairi and a new Chinese Parasol Tree given by Dr. Horiguchi to Yuso Takesawa. This seedling is going to be planted in the park again.

The Chinese Parasol Tree seedling

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tree Project at Portland Japanese Garden

Tree Project is going to be at Portland Japanese Garden in June 2011. "During a recent seed planting workshop with guides, volunteers and friends, the Portland Japanese Garden started a year-long journey toward next year’s Summer Art in the Garden 2011 exhibition with conceptual artist and sculptor Hiroshi Sunairi, who started the worldwide Tree Project with an exhibition in New York in read the whole article go to

These are pictures of Portland Japanese Garden.
David M Cobb
David M Cobb
David M Cobb
Stephen Bridges

Spain: Blanca de la Torre’s Hibaku Sendan has bloomed

Hiroshi, one of your trees has bloomed!!!!! :) -Blanca de la Torre