Thursday, August 7, 2014

ting diao - Canada: Ginkgo from 4 years ago!

Hi Hiroshi-san,

I don't complain with the quality of the seeds you've sent, but only one sprouted out of four. That made one special. That a hibaku will always stand to survive. I am proud to own one and to this day, my gingko is growing healthy. It's been 3 exciting seasons that its leaves turned yellow and fell every late winters. I always see to it that somebody takes care of it when I went for long vacations, because one time it almost died. But then again, it stood to be a hibaku!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hitomi Iwasaki: Sendan growing

Do you see?  It even has a baby at the bottom.  This is a second one.  I gave away the first one to one of our colleagues here to take home.  I am being a such a good mom. 

Hitomi Iwasaki

Mayo Yamaguchi: Ginkgo growing 我が家のギンコちゃん︎

My gingko tree “Peace chan” has been growing up day by day! 
Mayo Yamaguchi

Spain: Blanca de la Torre’s Hibaku Sendan has bloomed

Hiroshi, one of your trees has bloomed!!!!! :) -Blanca de la Torre