Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Geneva, Switzerland: Hana Tanimura planted Chinese Parasol Tree seeds and now they are sprouting

"hi hiroshi! I planted the seeds today, and they are now sitting outside my kitchen window soaking up some sun :) will be sure to keep you posted when they sprout!"
---Hana Tanimura

"hi hiroshi! great news: two of my chinese parasol seeds sprouted this morning. i was worried that they weren't doing so well, but then i tried cutting and soaking the seeds as kathy thomas suggested, and look—it worked!"

Congrats, Hana!



"hello hello! arrived back from japan yesterday and am very happy to report that my sprouts are doing great. i have named them mame and shiba respectively, after an insanely ridiculous cultural phenomenon in japan called mameshiba. hope this finds you well! sayonara"
"hi hiroshi, here are the most recent photos of my (now three!) chinese parasol sprouts. the first two that i planted are growing some really cute new leaves, too..."

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