Saturday, July 25, 2009

New York: Katy Hamer's Round Leaf Holly seeds sprouted

Katy's Round Leaf Holly sprouted and this is the first American Hibaku Holly sprout in Tree Project 2009! Congrats, Katy!

The 1st sprout of Round Leaf Holly
The 2nd sprout of Round Leaf Holly
"Hi Hiroshi, Hope you had a happy weekend! Here are the second batch of Round Leaf Holly pics. Two seeds have now sprouted. The first has 4 leaves while the other is really itty bitty but does seem to be growing as well. I circled and made an arrow to point it out :)"

"HI Hiroshi! I've had more recent growth on my Round Leaf Holly! I'm attaching a few pictures. The leaves are shiny and they unfold as they grow. Quite exciting. The plant has enjoyed being by an open window during the day and sits on the counter during the evening. Hope you are well!"
---Katy x

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