Sunday, July 12, 2009

New York: Sean Justice's Persimmon seeds sprouted with extensive documentations!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, let's take a look at Sean's very extensive and scientific documentations entitled as "treeproject_emergence" in his flickr site at

Also, in his words about the planting the seeds at

"Hiroshi I've posted some new pictures on my flickr account. Wow, the leaves are so big. The sprout is barely off the dirt but the leaves are huge and gorgeous."
The persimmon sprout in my window is starting to unravel a long woody structure that has, until now, been curled and hidden beneath the leaves.

For quite a while I haven't understood this twisty structure, why it had no leaves, why it was so convoluted, but now its purpose is emerging: I think it's going to be the trunk of the persimmon tree. Even though the sprout barely reaches above the tiny terracotta lip, I can see a tree taking shape.

If you've been following Hiroshi Sunairi's Tree Project, either on his site or via my multiple posts about it (catch up by clicking the key word label "tree project"), then you'll applaud this development with me. If you're not up to speed yet, please take a look at Hiroshi's site to learn about this amazing, fun, and highly interactive project.

The Tiger and the Persimmon is an ancient Korean folktale; it comes back to me from my childhood in South Korea. The pictures and text of this version are rooted at the core of my consciousness -- I vividly remember reading this book, and learning to wonder about knowing and the mysteries of not-knowing. Picking up Hiroshi's persimmon seed brought it immediately to mind, though I hadn't actually seen the book itself for years, because it had been buried in a box labeled "Sean's childhood stuff" and shoved in the storeroom. read the whole text by Sean, click here at

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