Sunday, August 21, 2016

THE HAPPY END 14 - Alberto's Cherry Prunus, Argentina

Hiroshi / Julio

This past weekend we went to Baredero with my wife, this is a town around 145 km NE Buenos Aires, at the National Route 9 that goes to Rosario, Km 301

We have a strange winter now, this past week the average daylight temperature around 20 degrees celsius, so trees begun to flower.

The enclosed photo is from a cherry tree prunus type, quite like the 7 cherry trees we planted on august 6th 2016 at SMC Tigre.

Of course this cherry tree of Baradero is older, no less than 30 years, since the town of Baradero is the oldest of the province Buenos Aires, it was founded on 1615 by a Spanish conqueror, Hernandarias.


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