Sunday, August 14, 2016

THE HAPPY END 10 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Dear Hiroshi SAN  / Julio Bernal SAN

We ask permission to our headquarters in Japan, to plant 7 ( seven  ) sakura cherry trees at the entrance of the new premises in Tigre, inside and close to the masts where the flags of Japan and Argentina are raised.

We will present this trees to 7 workers of SMC Japan that died at the tsunami of Fukushima on 2011. They worked at the plant of Kamaishi, that is close to the place of the catastrophe.

As soon as we have planted, we will send photo

It has to be now in august,. Because our Japanese gardener says that sakura trees has to be planted in months without  “·r”  letter, so august is last chance, then we have September, October, November, December ,….. not until may 2017 would be able to plant


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