Sunday, August 14, 2016

THE HAPPY END 11 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Dear Hiroshi SAN & Julio SAN

include photos,   Hilda okusan helped me to plant, we end a bit tired on Saturday after making the holes in the ground with the shovel , fortunately we could have a 3 hours nap in the evening J

There are already close to the perimeter fence, casuarina trees requested by town hall to make environmental curtain , so the cherry trees were planted in between the causarines , we consider there will be no trouble between casuarines and cherry trees, they will share space peacefully

planted 7 cherry trees at the inside of SMC AR Tigre, close to the entrance.

We hope cherry trees will bloom on coming September , to send you photos of Hanami J

This type of cherry tree is called Prunus Avium – fruit cherry tree   Soudden variety , the sakura variety only produces flower, no fruit , and we would like to have fruits to share with personell SMC AR

The trees we planted on Saturday were around 1,70 meters already tall, and full of bottons , so we expect hanami will  happen on September

We present this trees, in memoriam  ,   to our colleagues at SMC Kamaishi plant, that passed away when the Sendai Tsunami  happened on year 2011

7 persons, 7 trees

Nana korobi  ,   ya oki

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