Monday, August 16, 2010

New York: Megan Karlen & Jackie Moran's persimmon recovered!!

"Hello Hiroshi, I wanted to send you pictures of our Persimmon tree because she's been doing so well this summer!

She was in the show at the Horticultural Society. They took very good care of her. They said she was very healthy. She did have a little bit of a white bug type thing under her leaves and they explained that that often times comes from the soil that we buy in the store. They sprayed her leaves with dish soap and water and the little white bugs left.

We brought her home and I got concerned that the underside of her leaves were going to get the bugs again so I started misting under her leaves. I have no idea if I'm right about this but I feel like it made her feel tickled and good because now she's been growing like crazy!

I've sent 3 pictures. One of them shows a leaf that is not the typical shape. It is kind of heart-shaped. Is this normal for persimmons? There were two and then one grew out into the typical oval leaf shape. The other one is continuing to be the heart-shape. Anyway, look at her grow!! Have a great day. Very sincerely,"

---Megan Karlen & Jackie Moran

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