Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Linda Winder"s Sendan seedlings growing well!

"Hello again Hiroshi Sunairi! Here are some pictures of my trees and myself. My boyfriend and I are both artists graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and they've kept us company on the windowsill and inspired us to get a few other plants to raise and enjoy.

The one in the peach colored planter is almost a year old- I remember I planted it in September of last year. It's already been re-potted once, but I think he's just about ready for a larger pot! I keep this one by my studio area and it watches me paint and type on my computer! The one in the green pot is about three months old. This one lives in the kitchen and keeps the potted herbs company. Thank you and I hope to keep better contact with you."
---Linda Winder

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