Saturday, January 9, 2010

West College Park, Saskatoon, SK: Stephen McLachlin's beautiful Red Maple in his backyard

"Just to follow up on my message, here is a picture of a red maple that I grow in the back yard, in its autumn colorful glory. I have great respect for people who have pruned the survivor trees in Hiroshima and saved the seeds for planting."
---Steve McLachlin

"Hi again Hiroshi,

I actually have two Red Maples in the back yard of our modest suburban bungalow in Saskatoon. I call them the “Two Sisters”. The Big Sister is bigger, taller and more robust but her color is more varied, (more yellows, oranges, as well as red). In contrast “Little Sister” is absolutely crimson red, -- in the extreme !!

Here are a few snapshots. I hope you get the picture of why we like to grow trees. These red maples are not really hardy in this climate but they have “toughened up” and they give us a lot of joy in the fall when they turn color."

---Steve McLachlin (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada) Zone 2 - 3

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