Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The story of my Hibaku seedlings in Hiroshima

Last year, I received 5 Hibaku seedlings from Tree Doctor Riki Horiguchi in Hiroshima, Japan.
They were Japanese Hackberry, 2 Ginkgo and 2 Chinese Parasol Tree seedlings. This summer, 2009, they were grown much bigger and I decided to give them away to various people.

This is Japanese Hackberry tree seedling. This was given to people at the City Museum of Contemporary Art.

This was a Ginkgo Tree seedling. This was planted in a ceramic elephant foot pot that I made. The pot with the Ginkgo was sold to a collector in Tokyo, Japan.

This Ginkgo was to be left at my parents' place.

This Chinese Parasol Tree seedling was given to Mr. Yuso Takesawa.

The Parasol Tree with Mr. Yuso Takesawa.

Temporarily, the Parasol Tree stayed in Mr. Takesawa's friend's place.

And the last tall Chinese Parasol Tree seedling was...

planted in a ceramic elephant pot that I made.

Now it is loaned to a collector in Hiroshima, Japan.

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