Saturday, May 2, 2009

Documentation of Jujube seeds planting at The Miracle Garden

May 10, 2009,

Over 30 people came to pick up their Hibaku Jujube seeds (Red Date, Chinese Date, ナツメ - Info about Jujube tree 1, 2) at The Miracle Garden in East Village. This Tree Project event was a part of the inaugural "MIRACLE SHOW!!!" curated by James Woodward and Preeti Sodhi.

Here are documentations of all the people who planted their Jujube seeds.
(First name in alphabetical order)

Audrey Tran

Cara Chan

Christophe Tedjasukmana

Christopoher Starbody

Cynthia Ruse

Eun Jin Kim & Jeton

Francisco Daum & Amy Dawson

George Koutsoumbis & Beki Powell

Ha Rhin Kim

James Woodward

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