Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Documentation of Persimmon seeds planting in "Eat Clay or Die" at Greenwich House Pottery

May 12, 2009

Over 30 people came to pick up their Hibaku Persimmon seeds (カキノキ) at Greenwich House Pottery, NYC. This Tree Project event was a part of "Eat Clay or Die" exhibition curated by Michele Quan & Susannah Tisue.
Info about Persimmon tree 1, 2

Here are documentations of all the people who planted their Persimmon seeds.
(First name in alphabetical order)
Alex Neroulias

Allan Bailey

Audrey Tran

Ben Hayes for Isabel and Beth

Chie Kawasaki

Del Feldman

Francine Harris

Gustavo Velasquez & Estela Velazquez

Hidenori Ishii

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