Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sendan donated for "The Yuko Sueta Benefit" at Participant Inc went to AVENA GALLAGHER & BABAK RADBOY - Chinaberry April 10

March 2006
The Sendan seeds were given from The Tree Dr. Riki Horiguchi in Hiroshima, Japan.

sprouted on April 12, 2008

Now, more sprouted!
May 4, 2008

May 20, 2008

August 6, 2008
Four Sendan seedlings sprouted in one pot. I have decided to separate them into four pots.

Then, the smallest Sendan seedling donated for "The Yuko Sueta Benefit" at Participant Inc went to AVENA GALLAGHER & BABAK RADBOY - Sendan April 10Hiroshi Sunairi
"A Life of Melia azedarach (
Sendan) from Hiroshima"
A seedling of Melia azedarach (Sendan)

About Tree Project:
The trees that still live from the time of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima are called, Hibaku trees (A-bombed trees).

In 2006, I was given second or third generation seeds and seedlings of the tree that survived the atomic bombing by Tree Dr. Riki Horigichi in Hiroshima. I brought these seeds and seedlings to the US to give them to people who are interested in planting them and growing them.

As I have started this project, I have come to realize that they are not about reminding people about the atomic bombing but sharing the preciousness of life.

I would not claim the price of this plant since my tree project is a gift. However, I would like to ask for people who wish to receive this plant to come up with the price of donation for Yuko. I ask for the compassionate and kindest generosity from the bottom of my heart.

Hiroshi Sunairi

Then Sendan was bought by AVENA GALLAGHER & BABAK RADBOY

April 10, 2009. Three Sendan seedling at my place. Now three brothers await and miss their youngest brother.
They are growing strong and beautiful ever.
Now in the beginning of June, 2009, the third Sendan seedling is going to now Yuko Sueta. Yuko has been ill for a while. This little Sendan will give Yuko a good spirit.Here is what the leaves look like on the third Sendan.

The oldest one of 4 Sendan Brothers.

The second oldest one of 4 Sendan brothers.

Now the third Sendan seedling is happily at Yuko's place and it looks like the seedlings has grown much more!! Yuko's place has lots of light. In this pic, the cat is very curious.......

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Babak said...

It's me, Avena! Does this comment reach you Hiroshi??

I bought the Chinaberry! I am so happy to have it now in my home and happy to have contributed to Yuko's fund!
And very happy to have found this post...I was researching the Chinaberry tree to know how best to care for my new friend and found this post and picture of Chinaberry-baby...
I hope you are doing very very well!

Spain: Blanca de la Torre’s Hibaku Sendan has bloomed

Hiroshi, one of your trees has bloomed!!!!! :) -Blanca de la Torre