Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hiroshi Sunairi: Japanese Hackberry and Persimmon seed sprouted!

MY FIRST Japanese Hackberry

I had a semi-rotten and broken Japanese Hackberry seed, left over from Tree project 2006. So I planted the seed about two month ago, just to see. Then the other day after two month of no sign, my Japanese Hackberry sprouted!

Now more leaves!

Newly replanted in a bigger pot.

Once again, I re-planted it in a bigger pot and the sprout is growing bigger. 7/1/09

MY SECOND Japanese Hackberry
I planted all of Round Leaf Holly, Persimmon, Chinaberry, Firmiana simplex, Japanese Hackberry, Jujube seeds on May 14th and on May 28th, Japanese Hackberry seed sprouted. This Hackberry seed took just about two weeks to sprout when there is no sign of sprouting from other seeds.

I planted the Hackberry sprouts into a bigger pot (just dumping biodegradable pot into the soil). I can not wait for more of my seeds' sprouts as well as all the participants' sprouts!!! Please keep up watering, be patient, and give lots of love.
---Hiroshi Sunairi

A long of the test persimmon sprout with its shell(seed covering the sprout) started to come out of soil a while back, then after some time, I tried to take the shell off. The shell took the head of the sprout and it left with just a broken stem without any leaves. The inside of the shell was seemed all rotten. So I was sorry that this seed was not good. But I kep watering if the root was still alive though it is just stem out of soil. About 3 weeks passed, then suddenly out of stem, two little leaves started to grow. What a miracle!!

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Katy Alonza Hamer said...

Congrats on the new sprout!! My round leaf holly had a little set back (pulled up by a kitty!) but not damaged and I hope it will continue to grow! x K

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