Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ginkgo survived in Arequipa, Peru!!!

"Emotion! A few weeks ago I went to the Fundo Inca in Arequipa to visit the Hibaku (ginko biloba) who nevertheless survive ... Thanks to all who participated in both stages of the project "Políticas del display (Patio Sobrevivencia)" first in [e] Star in Lima and then at El Cultural and the Museum of Contemporary art (MAC) in Arequipa ♥"

(Emoción! Hace unas semanas pasé por el Fundo INCA en Arequipa para visitar al Hibaku (ginko biloba) que a pesar de todo sobrevivó ... Garcias a todos los que participaron del proyecto "Políticas del display (Patio Sobrevivencia)" tanto en [e]Star en Lima como en El Cultural y Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) de Arequipa ♥)

---Alejandra Ballón-Gutierrez


Dennys Nunez said...

Buenos días señorita Alejandra me gustaria las semillitas de este arbonito ayudeme porfa.

sunairi said...

Do send me an email to and request seeds there. Your email will be on the waiting list and I will send a notice when I have more seeds.

The NYTimes: The Whispering Leaves of the Hiroshima Ginkgo Trees