Sunday, August 2, 2009

New York and Bolivia: Timothy Tucker's adventure in Bolivia and his persimmon in NY

"I went to Bolivia for five weeks in June/July 2009. While I was out of town, my persimmon seed finally sprouted. I think it took about 2 months but now it is doing very well.

This persimmon sprout will be used in a memorial ceremony at a retreat by my Zen Buddhist group in upstate New York. We will hold the memorial on August 6, the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. The persimmon sprout will "bear witness" at this ceremony by my Zendo.

Meanwhile, I took [insert plant name here] seeds to Bolivia. I carried these seeds throughout Bolivia as I visited the cities of Sucre, Potosi, La Paz and other locations. I gave some seeds at the end of my trip to my new friend Doris in Coroico, a beautiful semi-tropical village a few hours' drive from La Paz. Doris said she would plant these seeds in Coroico which has good growing conditions. Meanwhile, the other six seeds are waiting to be planted in La Paz. It turns out that La Paz is a sister city of Hiroshima, so there may be an opportunity to get some official recognition of the seeds when they are planted in La Paz."
---Timothy Tucker

Congratulations and Thank you for your contribution, Timothy!!

"tree is fine but growing very slowly... at the moment I do not think it needs to be transplanted but I will do that when the time comes."

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