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THE HAPPY END 6: FINAL CHAPTER? - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina


Finally we are arranging to plant the tree on february 27th.

The date was decided by chance, and later we realized that is an anniversary of the argentine flag, raised for the first time as national symbol, on February 27th 1812.

It is a good day to receive the tree on earth, with all the solemnity that the planting demands.

We will keep you  posted with photos and maybe a short video later of the ceremony


We are preparing at our garden downtown at the Company and the things to take to Tigre for this coming Saturday.

Besides the tree that has been here since august 6th 2015 when we received it, there is the plaque with the information of the Hibaku Jymoku (A-bombed tree) concept with Japanese and argentine flags at the ceremony.

This Wednesday, we are taking all this to Tigre and it will be to monitored by the watchmen until the Saturday ceremony.

On Friday 26, we will raise the flags( Argentina, Buenos Aires province, Tigre county, and Japan as a guest nation =).

The building is almost finished, now we are waiting for electrical services. Telephone and internet facilities, as well as town hall approval for completion of the works, to enter into the new site, and start moving machineries, racks with products, furniture, people, etc..

Maybe in coming april 2016 we will begin to move heavy machinery in.  Meanwhile, the hibakuj yumoku will be watched by the guard at the entrance, the place of the tree is close to the guard post . As you may see this photos taken on February 2nd 2016, when the gardeners were making the grass and earth to prepare the gardening all around the building.


Dear all (Minasan),

This coming Saturday 24th february 2016, SMC AR will plant the tree at a special place reserved (an area inside the main entrance, in the photo is where the man with a red shirt is working in the street ).

A camphor tree grown from a seed received 4 years ago by the Botanic Garden of Hiroshima, as part of the Green Legacy Project.  and the Project “ Seeds for peace “ of the local buenos aires Argentina, Japanese school, Nichia Gakuin .

The map below, shows where the different seeds are gathered each year and send to different countries, specifically the camphor seed comes from the camphor “ mother” located where the red arrow points at the upper right of the map.

Although SMC AR staff has not moved to the new premises (this will start around april/may 2016).  But we have a watchmen, control of the building and an access with private guards, we decided to make this ceremony of planting this coming Saturday 27th February.

Just now we packed the tree, a plaque explaining the concept of Hibaku Jyumoku, some small flags of Japan and Argentina, and also some flags to raise at the masts of SMC Tigre, for this ceremony ( Japan – Argentina – Province of Buenos Aires – Tigre county ), to check that everything is OK and to make a rehearsal of ceremony




Dear Hiroshi

Yesterday we took the camphor tree from Chacarita to Tigre, together with the plaque explaining a hibaku jyumolu, some stones, and a set of flags to raise this coming Saturday 27that the ceremony.

Flags as you may see, are:
Central mast, Argentina
Right mast : Japan
Left mast : on the top the flag of the province of Buenos Aires, and below the Tigre county flag, that has a tiger as referent symbol of the county.

We will keep you  informed



Finally the tree is planted.

It suffered a bit, the heat wave we have last week, but fortunately our watchman is a hobby gardener, so he separate 30 liters of rain water for the tree last Friday, and is sprinkling the tree every day.

Today I will take special soil, that has been processed by worms, rich in humus, to add to the ground where the tree is planted.

And later if necessary we will add to the daily watering of the tree, a small quantity of activator of leaves growth, to keep it healthy and blooming.

We will be keep sending photos of the improvement of the tree.

We may consider this story , ended , at last , for the first chapter J


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