Friday, November 13, 2015

THE HAPPY END 4 - Alberto Gesualdi's Hibaku camphor at SMC, Argentina

Dear Hiroshi

We made already the plaque for our Hibaku camphor tree.

It was made by a manufacturer of plaques since we thought it would be good something solid (the office of SMC is close to the Chacarita Cemetery, the official/public cemetery of Buenos Aires city).

We are close to the planting at TigreJ

Now we are waiting for the firemen station and town hall of Tigre, to approve the fire installations, fire plans, etc… , so we think within 30 days (coming in November), we will be able to take this camphor to Chacarita in Tigre.

Here our camphor looks very happy, he/ she is surrounded by a Japanese cedar seeding and a ficus seedling. The three of them seem to be in good terms (the other two trees will go to Tigre also, but separate planting sites).

 1) The plaque is glued to a piece of gray polished marble.

 2) The marble support has to side guides, with a guide embedded, to allow a piece of glass to be over the plaque, to protect it in case of rain, sun, maybe hail (the area of Tigre where the tree will be, has sometimes, big storms, with hail, but fortunately, there have not been hail the last 4 years).

3) And the base is supported at an angle of 45 degrees, by another piece of marble, very heavy. It is possible to take out the glass's liding it upwards, to clean the glass, and the plaque, if necessary.

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