Monday, May 17, 2010

Hiroshima, Japan: Yuso Takesawa's Chinese Parasol Tree in the park of Hiroshima..........LOST!!

以前の被爆青桐二世 Hibaku 2nd Generation before

なくなった被爆青桐二世 Hibaku 2nd Generation Gone!!


"Mr. Sunairi, Early this month of April 14th, I went to the park to see how our Hibaku Parasol Tree was doing, then I couldn't find it, I thought I saw it a while ago. This park had many people gathering for Hanami (in Japanese tradition in the spring time, they do picnick on the ground by blossomed trees). I feel terrible. It has gotten smaller without leaves, so I was afraid someone would step on it or kids playing succor would break the seedling...I looked for it around there for a while... I was dreaming of it growing large leaves....can I try again? Many of my friends are very sad about it. Are you coming back to Hiroshima? This is an unfortunate news....."
---Yuso Takesawa

「 何か起ったのでしょうね!残念ですが仕方ないですね!是非また新たに挑戦しましょう!」砂入

"Something may have happened, it is unfortunate, but nothing we can do with it! So let's try a new seed!!"
---Hiroshi Sunairi

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