Thursday, October 15, 2009

The story of my Hibaku Chinese Parasol Tree in Hiroshima: Now it is planted in the park of Hiroshima

This Chinese Parasol Tree seedling was given to Mr. Yuso Takesawa.

The Parasol Tree with Mr. Yuso Takesawa.

Temporarily, the Parasol Tree stayed in Mr. Takesawa's friend's place.

Now Mr. Takesawa got a permission from the city of Hiroshima to plant Hibaku Chinese Parasol Tree in Fukuromachi Kouen (park) in central Hiroshima. Mr. Takesawa (the third person from left) planted Parasol seedling along with Mr. Ishimaru (left), Ms. Kimie Sakaki (2nd left) and Mr. Takesawa's wife.


"Mr. Sunairi, this is our ceremony of planting Hibaku Chinese Parasol seedling. He (the tree) is independent now. I hope he will grow healthy!"


"Mr. Takesawa, Thank you for such a warm ceremony. The seedling look very good planted on the ground. I will send my healthy wish for the seedling from New York."

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